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A Great Friend (Les choses simples)

Country: France
Language: French with subtitles
Director: Éric Besnard
Runtime: 95 minutes
Rating: PG
Sunday, February 18 @ 1:30pm
Tuesday, February 20 @ 4:00pm

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Vincent is the urbane founder of Europe’s largest dating site and a man once voted the continent’s sexist entrepreneur. Pierre is a marine biologist who has retreated to a cabin in the mountains to keep an eye on his widowed sister-in-law. When Vincent’s car breaks down, Pierre comes to his aid and offers him hospitality. The chance meeting of the complete opposites upsets their respective beliefs and has the two budding ‘amis’ questioning whether they are each living the lives they want to live. With beautiful alpine scenery, mouth-watering cuisine on display and hilarity-inducing scenarios, A Great Friend is sure to delight.

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