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The Rose Maker (La fine fleur)

Country: France
Language: French with subtitles
Director: Pierre Pinaud
Runtime: 95 minutes
Rating: PG
Date: April 30, 2022 at 5:00pm & 7:30pm
Location: Salmar Classic Theatre

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Gifted and eccentric horticulturalist, Eve Vernet, breeds exquisite roses that compete in showcases all over France. Unfortunately, her stubbornly artisanal approach makes it difficult to compete in a fierce market and imminent bankruptcy forces an unusual last-ditch effort to turn things around. Eve and her assistant secretly hire three new employees from a prison rehabilitation program. The misunderstood outcasts bring with them fresh ideas and a strong work ethic, but absolutely no gardening skills. Despite their obvious differences, the new team comes up with a crazy plan that could change their lives forever, and Eve unexpectedly discovers new aspects of life that are worth nurturing.

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