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Viceroy's House

Country: UK/India/Sweden
Language: Panjabi/Hindi/English with subtitles
Director: Gurinder Chadha
Runtime: 106 minutes
Rating: 14A
Tuesday, February 20 @ 4:00pm

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In New Delhi, in March 1947, the huge and stately Viceroy’s Palace is like a beehive. Its five hundred employees are busy preparing the coming of Lord Louis Mountbatten, who has just been appointed new (and last) Viceroy of India. Mountbatten, played by Hugh Bonneville, whose difficult task consists of overseeing the transition of British India to independence, arrives at the Palace, accompanied by Edwina, his liberal-minded wife, and Pamela, his eighteen-year-old daughter. Meanwhile, in the staff quarters, a love story is born between Jeet, a Hindu, and Aalia, a Muslim beauty. Things will prove difficult, if not very difficult, both on the geopolitical and personal level.

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