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Country: Canada
Language: French / with subtitles
Director: Sophie Desraspe
Runtime: 109 minutes
Rating: 14A
Saturday February 22 @ 10:30am
Monday February 24 @ 7:30pm

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The title references the Greek play from 2500 years ago as a way to explain how we as humans respond to refugees and the idea of home, loyalty, patriotism and love. The movie tells us a story about a refugee family in Quebec and how they are treated. In helping her brother escape from prison, Antigone confronts the authorities: the police and the judicial and penal systems. A straight-A student and model citizen until now, she feels the vice-grip tighten around her. But she rejects the law of men for her own sense of justice, dictated by love and loyalty. Winner–Best Canadian Feature Film, 2019 Toronto Film Festival.

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