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A Fantastic Woman (Una mujer fantástica)

Country: Chile/Germany/Spain/USA
Language: Spanish with subtitles
Director: Sebastián Lelio
Runtime:104 minutes
Rating: PG
Sunday, February 18 @ 10:30am

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Marina is a part-time singer and trans woman of proud bearing. She and Orlando, a divorced executive, are a happy couple. His sudden death is a terrible blow, but the aftermath is even worse--faced with flagrant disrespect, first from the authorities and then from his surviving family, Marina finds herself having to fight for the basic recognition most of us take for granted. By turns joyous and heart-wrenching, A Fantastic Woman is dynamite drama. Compassionate, courageous and lovingly made, this is a movie that will reach out and touch you. Won Best Feature Film, 2017 Berlin Film Festival; Best Foreign Language Film nominee, 2018 Academy Awards.

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